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Your text ... your project ... 


A biography of yourself narrated by yourself is the best way to reflect on your life, your wishes and aims/goals: to find the central core and essence of life.


It’s also helpful to consider your own current path.


Questions come up like …

Who am I?

Is this my path?

Which were or are my wishes?

Where do I want to be?

What do I want to do?

What still remains to be done?



To find that you can say: I know myself what’s in my own mind!


That’s also a method to check on features of your company and work, your role and targets in career terms.


Someone wants to know, for example, when was the time s/he lost her/his ultimate target and then left the path to follow a new – “better“ – way.


I am a writing consultant and I will spend the time to coach you, to help and support you in your project – like a mentor, like a personal trainer to bring out your best.


I don’t want to correct, translate, or reinterpret your text. It’s your own text, but I have an eye for the important aspects of writing and maybe for the right questions at the right time.


We can meet in Freiburg, Allgäu (Bavaria) or Switzerland ... or anywhere in virtual space, i. e. online.

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